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Ice tub

The ice bath at Cabinet.Bio in Vevey


A bathtub filled with cold water and ice cubes that allows the water to reach from -2 degrees to 5 degrees. In summer, the bathtub is accessible every Saturday morning between 8:00 and 10:00 on registration, at free price.  


Outside of these niches, in my office, I offer the Regenerating Method thanks to the ice bath. Exposure to cold & massage.

During exposure to cold, our body reacts by lowering the heart rate and initiating a phase of global rest. Once these effects are produced, the massage or the drainage see their effects multiplied.

More details and booking on the website of my therapy practice: Cabinet.Bio

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The ice bath by the lake.. or elsewhere?

We have a nice transportable vintage bathtub, which has already been used several times by the lake for beautiful freezing bathing sessions! If you want to organize a private session, for a sports club, a family event or other, contact us!

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