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cold yoga

From January until April, twice a month we offer a cold bath workshop in the lake followed by yoga in the magnificent yoga room of Atika Yoga in Vevey. 


We offer two workshops:


Meditative cold yoga: focused on body awareness, bodyscan, body relaxation, accompaniment of bodily reactions and letting go. Deep trance, muscle relaxation, rest.


cold yoga Breath of life: focused on breathing, the power of the breath, the effects of the breath on the body, cardiac coherence, breathing during yoga, shamanic recapitulation (repair of the energy body).

Les ateliers disponibles sur mesure

Price: 80 fr per person

10 seats available


Bring your own yoga mat or contact us to have one loaned to you.

Different needs.

We respond to 3 types of needs:

Health prevention workshops.

  • Hypersensitivity, stress, prevention of hypertension 

  • Reduction of stress, fight against pain, body reappropriation

 To progress

  •  Muscle strengthening & mobility

  • Improved abilities to combat cold & training of cold bath initiation skills

  • Muscle strengthening, return to sport at any age. 

Personal development workshops

  • Fight against eye aging, creativity, sensory exploration

  • Sensory exploration, symbolic communication, liberation

  • Self-expression, liberation

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