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Bathing or swimming in cold water stimulates the body and the mind, provided you listen to yourself and respect certain rules
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Sébastien Haemmerli interviewed for Local Colors (RTS).A small team of cold bath insiders came to take a swim for the report. Some even testified on video! A report to watch by following this link: Reportage Local colors Cold bath

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Bathing in cold water has more and more fans |

In the spring of 2021, I was interviewed by Nicolas Verdan for Générations magazine about the practice of cold bathing. In images and testimonials, we also find some insiders by myself!  You can read the full article on this link:

Article : Swimming in cold water always has more followers"

Excerpt from Nicolas Verdan's article:  

Listen to your body

Once in the water, bodily alerts occur. It is a question of knowing them and, of course, of listening to them. “With the duration of the bath appears the danger of euphoria, warns Sébastien Haemmerli. When the body sees its temperature drop, it secretes a quantity of adrenaline. This arrival of hormones is experienced as an incredible well-being, with the feeling of being warm. The worst would be to take advantage of this to move away from the shore, with the decision to prolong this feeling which means, in reality, the beginning of a state of hypothermia.


Doctors say it, a health check is advised before starting. This avoids pitfalls, such as hydrocution and hypothermia. Even if scientific studies are just beginning to be conducted on the subject, health professionals agree in recognizing that swimming in cold water strengthens the immune, vascular and neurovegetative systems and stimulates circulation.


The internal thermometer is the thing to grow and to take care of," says Sébastien Haemmerli. The disadvantages of existence will still be there when they come out of the water, but the weight they represent will no longer be the same. When you face a problem, ask yourself what its temperature is. »

Swimming in cold water: when the brain returns to its sources - Le Temps

Followers of ice baths are increasingly numerous to jump into Swiss lakes in winter. Beyond the social phenomenon, the practice has unsuspected neurological benefits, highlighted by new studies."

In December 2021, an article written by Thibault Nieuwe appeared in Le Temps about the effects of cold baths on the brain, I was also interviewed on this occasion.

You can find the full article on the Le Temps website (article reserved for subscribers):

Swimming in cold water: when the brain returns to its sources - Le Temps

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