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Each initiation consists of 5 lessons spread over 10 days, with one lesson every 2 days. The purpose of this organization is to give your body time to adapt and to allow me to accompany you in the learning phases of the practice of cold bathing. Thanks to this organization, you benefit from a complete experience of the cold bath: theory, exercises, practice in small groups, swimming in Lake Geneva. You will receive 4 theory videos to watch before class so that you can ask all your questions verbally as a group.

Cold bath Initiations
Vevey, Lausanne, Geneva

The content of the initiation

How are the initiations organized? 

Each initiation consists of 5 lessons spread over 10 days, with one lesson every 2 days. This organization aims to give your body time to adapt and to allow me to accompany you on this path of experiences.

You will receive theoretical explanatory videos before the sessions and we can talk about them during the course, I will answer all your questions.

Safe learning

On the first day, we will see together the basics of safety in the face of the cold and the preparation of the body for the effort that will be required of it. It is also this day when I take the time to personalize the experience according to your state of health.

Deep breathing

In oriental medicine breathing is the seat of the will. During the second day, we will see different approaches to put at your service the unsuspected capacities of your lungs and your diaphragm.

Cardiac coherence

Hyper-tension, palpitations, tachycardia and other pathologies of the heart are affections which by 5 small minutes a day could be kept away from your lives thanks to cardiac coherence. We will see during the 3rd day the effects of cold on the heart and vessels, and how to exploit its virtues.

The reduction of inflammation 

Inflammation is the breeding ground for many diseases: type 2 diabetes, obesity, respiratory pathologies, hypertension, autoimmune disease, celiac disease. The anti-inflammatory effect should be felt on this 4th day of initiation.


Chronic stress produces a lowered immune response and also sleep disruption, leading to dysregulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Learning serenity in the face of the cold helps to set up conscious responses to stress.

Strengthening of the immune system

The way to boost your immune system is to practice the 4 pillars of hormesis which are: Sport, fasting, exposure to heat, and exposure to cold. These are the 4 ways to push the body to produce more growth hormones and promote cell regeneration. The lower the temperatures to which you expose yourself, the more respect for these 4 pillars will be necessary for you to progress. This will be the subject of the 5th day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an initiation take place?

What effects does cold bathing have on the body? And on the mind?

Are there any contraindications? Are we at risk of getting sick?

How to prepare for the initiation?

Visit ou page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
by clicking here to discover all the answers to your questions! 

Cryotherapy - Ice bath

How it works :

Come with your best swimsuit and your changing gear (towel and bath slippers) for those who want to soften the bite of the cold, take light canvas pants and a t-shirt.

The bathtub is at 5 degrees for the first ones and will go down in temperature as time goes by to reach 1.5 degrees. The water is continuously filtered with activated carbon and a current is maintained in the water which allows for a fast and invigorating experience. But rest assured when you immerse yourself the current will be at a standstill!

Who hasn't dreamed of a morning routine that automatically gets us off on the right foot? !!!

Registrations will re-open next year on the Cabinet.Bio website!

It is also possible to book a "Regenere Massage" consisting of Cold bath + Massage.

Click here to find out more.


Saturday morning from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. in summer,
theCabinet.Bio provides its ice bath (free price), at Rue d'Italie 33 in Vevey.

It's a friendly and sharing moment open to all, beginners as well as experienced.

Sébastien will be present to guide you in the practice!

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Introduction to cold bath and ice bath is a team of 5 people passionate about the benefits of cold, health prevention, altered states of consciousness, the body's self-healing resources, solidarity, yoga, surpassing oneself and conviviality .

We support anyone who wants to discover the benefits of cold and we adapt our approaches according to your state of health. Introduction to cold bathing in Lake Geneva in Vevey, Lausanne, Morges, Nyon and Geneva between October and March. The ice bath is accessible at Cabinet.Bio every weekday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. until October 20. Back in April 2024!

Sébastien and Julie, qualified therapists, are at your service to provide you with information and support you depending on your health issues. has 5 years of experience supporting groups, from beginners to experienced, of all ages and physical conditions. We look forward to welcoming you in freshness and good humor

The different activities of


Cold bath introductions

Teaching a protocol for safe open water activity and explanations of the body's adaptation processes. In a group on a periodine for 8 days, every other day.

Hypnosis workshops

Teaching self-hypnosis practices to the servicehealth prevention and personal development.

Cold Yoga Workshops

Hypnotic workshops combining cold hypnosis and yoga for alignment of body and mind.

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2023 Poncho

What's new from

Since September 2023, every weekday evening from 7:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Maena Kolkiewicz welcomes you and accompanies you for an ice bath in the bathtub ofCabinet.Bio, Rue d’Italie 33 in Vevey. The 2023 season is over. Reopening in April 2024. The ice bath is available for events or for Regenerate Method sessions .

An introduction to cold bathing in Morges

The cold bath initiation session in Morges  is open, you have the dates and the possibility to book via the link below.

The next events

The Mission of

Bainfroid aims to offer anyone wishing to practice the cold bath to be able to do so safely and knowingly, regardless of their state of health.


Our primary objective is to make the cold bath accessible to everyone, to teach the basics of safety in cold water and to offer clear guidelines to practitioners.

We support people with various pathologies (autoimmune disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.) Our medical approach to cold bathing aims to facilitate the development of the practice of cold bathing for the purpose of preventing inflammatory diseases._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ All this in agreement and in relation to the medical community (treating doctor, physiotherapist, shrink).

We also offer various hypnosis, cold yoga and self-hypnosis workshops:

  1. Meditative Cold Yoga

  2. Cold Yoga Breath of Life

  3. Autogenic training from Dr. Schultz

  4. Cardiac Coherence

  5. Vision in all its states (exploring altered states of consciousness in painting)

We also carry out tailor-made  Team building  workshops for companies.

At the moment we offer two cold yoga workshops:

Some testimonials from our insiders

  • I was introduced to hydrotherapy by this therapist during initiation sessions in cold baths. He knows this discipline perfectly well. Anyone can go in an ice bath, sit in it and be resistant, but relaxing in it is a whole story!!! This therapist taught us with passion and conviction the benefits of cold therapy, combining specific breathing techniques, exposure to cold and meditation.
    I continue to take cold baths and I manage to relax… Very good experience with this therapist, so go and discover this enthusiast!!!

  • This initiation to cold baths heats the neurons and activates new brain connections! Yes Yes…
    We go from “will I make it? »​ to « no, impossible »
    ah but in fact, “it's not that cold outside”  to realize that we are already there, in the water. All that remains is to bend down to be submerged.
    We get there, we go back and we appreciate it more and more.
    Finally, we are even accompanied by some who were convinced that they would never get there!
    So yes, me, I run there, I appreciate and I practice with great pleasure. Thank you for this wonderful initiation, Sébastien!​​

  • ​ I learned to feel better in cold water, to stay there longer without getting cold thanks to Sébastien's very good advice and methods. Very professional, he knows how to put us at ease. He takes his time to answer each question and explains very well what we need to do, step by step.

  • Great discoveries to push the limits of your body. Good atmosphere and kindness at the rendezvous. Thanks!

  • Introduction to TOP cold baths. Also tested relaxing massage, very pleasant, takes its time, good relaxation.

  • Sébastien is a very invested therapist and his initiations to cold baths in particular inspire confidence and know how to instil motivation and short, he gives us a boost!

  • I had the opportunity to participate in the introduction to cold bathing in Lake Geneva last winter. I loved receiving the caring and motivating advice of this therapist. This practice, which I am still continuing this winter, helps me better manage daily stress and allows me to add an unusual activity to the winter.

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The Benefits of Cold Bath

  • ​ Strengthens the immune system by lowering the inflammatory response

  • Fights depression and helps prevent burnout and overwork

  • Fight against venous return problems, varicose veins, heavy legs

  • Helps relieve insomnia and stress problems

  • Helps athletes for active rest and recovery

  • Prevents high blood pressure

  • Allows you to expand your comfort zone and live an invigorating experience!

Nature provides us with enough to restore our health, it is up to us to seize this opportunity! 

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