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Ice tub

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The ice bath at Cabinet.Bio in Vevey


A bathtub filled with cold water and ice cubes that allows the water to reach from -2 degrees to 5 degrees. In summer, the bathtub is accessible every Saturday morning between 8:00 and 10:00 on registration, at free price.  


Outside of these niches, in my office, I offer the Regenerating Method thanks to the ice bath. Exposure to cold & massage.

During exposure to cold, our body reacts by lowering the heart rate and initiating a phase of global rest. Once these effects are produced, the massage or the drainage see their effects multiplied.

More details and booking on the website of my therapy practice: Cabinet.Bio

Dr. Schultz's autogenic training
Duration: 4h00 / Sunday 30April 2023at 8:00 a.m.
Combines: Relaxation & hypnosis.
Speaker: Sebastien Haemmerli

A small workshop of half aday to discover and master autogenic training. It is one of the best self-hypnosis tools thate I know with cardiac coherence.

The benefits of autogenic training

  • quickly decreases stress response

  • acts on the conscious and the unconscious

  • naturally strengthens the more you use it

  • can be done by several

  • activates the body's healing processes

  • decreases chronic pain

  • strengthens the immune systemarea

  • facilitates the management of emotions

The difficulties that some people encounter in using this method and the reason for this workshop:


Even if the method is simple, its daily use and its mastery require a minimum understanding of the basics of modified states of consciousness. For beginners, this can open up inner questions or touch emotions. And for the skeptics of needing outside help in discovering this very powerful mind-body connection.

This is why during the workshop you will be paired up, in order to facilitate this learning.  

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The ice bath by the lake.. or elsewhere?

We have a nice transportable vintage bathtub, which has already been used several times by the lake for beautiful freezing bathing sessions! If you want to organize a private session, for a sports club, a family event or other, contact us!

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Workshop "Cardiac coherence"
Duration: 4h00 / Sunday 30April 2023at 1:30 p.m.
Combines: Music, breathing, hypnosis.
Speaker: Elisa Montaldo / Sébastien Haemmerli

Elisa Montaldo does us the honor of setting this workshop to music. And that's not the only thing she'll do for you. Below is a link to his musical creations and to get to know his style.

Elisa accepted.  to compose music especially for this workshop on

measure. This music will be revealed to you as the workshop progresses.

Cardiac coherence is a particular form of breathing, but for those

and those who practice it are much more than that. During these 4 hours together we will see how to use cardiac coherence on a daily basis, how it works physiologically and I will explain to you through hypnotic experiences how your body reacts and integrates the changes it causes.

A short list of possible jobs:

  • increase in concentration

  • facilitated memorization

  • reduce stress

  • fight high blood pressure

  • open the door to the unconscious

  • and many other uses depending on your creativity and curiosity.

To give you an idea, we have prepared this audio presentation for you:

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