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Sebastien Haemmerli

Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist at Cabinet.Bio

Cold Bath Instructor

Founder of

"Everything is poison, nothing is poison. It's all a matter of dosage."

“Everything is poison, nothing is poison. It's all a matter of dosage." Paracelsus


This summarizes in a few words all my motivation as a therapist. This is also what motivated my curiosity and pushes me to deepen my knowledge of both body and mind. 

It was in 2012 that I started my training as a medical masseur. This training will take three years and will sharpen my curiosity about ancient medicines, as well as develop a passion for the nervous system, which will later push me down the path of cold bathing and hypnosis.

In 2015, I suffered a swimming accident, which caused me panic attacks prohibiting me from swimming in open water. It is with a friend who secures me, that I begin to practice the cold bath in the lake and that, with amazement, I discover that my panic attacks cease completely. From this moment, the cold will become my specialty. My patients know it, I am able to put it in all sauces. And I even use it in hypnosis. Yes, we take your bathing suit to my hypnosis sessions!

In 2019, I give my cold bath initiation course in Vevey. With this desire to accompany the phases of change that the practice produces both in the body and in the mind. Ten days is the time it takes for the body to adapt to a change. In 10 days, you go from chilly bundled up to passionate about short sleeves by -15°C. 

To continue even in summer, I built with the help of some friends, a bathtub that took place in my office in Vevey.

Currently, it is the practices of fasting that excite my curiosity. All this effervescence is part of a personal conviction: the systematic exploration of all the resources for self-healing. Because a good therapist is someone who simply watches you get better and better.

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Véronique Breda
Hypnotherapist and instructore cold bath in Geneva & Nyon

Live your life because no one will do it for you.

Véronique Breda



A few years ago, I had the impression that hypnosis happened a bit by chance in my life, but in reality, for a long time I had been using self-hypnosis and breathing techniques without realizing it. realize.

I still remember the day when I had an irresistible urge to run a marathon, when as a former smoker, it was impossible for me to run more than 100 m. So of course, the physical training was necessary, but what was really decisive in my success was to use the state of hypnotic trance at each training session to make my body and my mind understand what was expected of them. So when I finally arrived in New York for my race, I wouldn't say it was easy, but what is certain is that nothing could have stopped me from crossing the finish line.

I think it was somewhat in this state of mind that I did my first swim in cold water a few years ago. Since then, I practice the cold bath every winter with as much pleasure as ever and it is with great enthusiasm that I join the Bainfroid team to share these transformative moments.

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David Badower

Hypnotherapist and cold bath instructor in Geneva

Finding confort in inconfort.

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Originally from France, I lived in several countries (France, Netherlands, Sweden) before settling in Geneva and focusing my activity on my passion for hypnotherapy. Before I met Sébastien, it would be a lie to say that I had a particular attraction for cold water: like many people, I was focusing wrongly on the discomfort of the exercise rather than on its virtues. But Sébastien knew how to talk to me about it with so much passion and at the same time by giving a safe and didactic framework that I took the plunge myself. Worse! I started to like it...until Sébastien trained me as an instructor and we were able to launch the initiation in Geneva together.


What I like about the initiation as practiced by is that it aligns with my conception of hypnosis coaching: providing a secure framework, reconnecting to one's body while summoning one's resources and discarding limiting thoughts, and finally gaining flexibility to be able to go as far as one wishes in self-respect. What better way to learn to find comfort in discomfort in these complex times than with a cold bath? I look forward to seeing you at the Bains des Pâquis during this winter season!

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Marion Gabioud


Graphic design, photos, social networks and websites

Accounts Instagram @bainfroid and

Finding confort in inconfort.

Initiated by Sébastien in 2019, I have enjoyed the cold bath since the first time. It allows me to relax, let go and decompress. It’s a great way for me to sleep better and de-stress! I have always loved the lake and it is a great pleasure to now be able to swim there all year round.

I appreciate the return to the body, the self-awareness that this practice gives me. And then the boost of incredible energy and hormones! I am happy to be able to participate in Bainfroid's communication and allow more and more people to take a cold bath in complete safety and in caring groups.

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Marion Gabioud


Graphic design, photos, social networks and websites

Accounts Instagram @bainfroid and

Finding confort in inconfort.

Following a bad experience during my childhood, water was more of an enemy than an ally for me. And yet, here I am leading the ice bath sessions for you at, how did I get there?

My first time in an ice bathtub was just to test myself and my limits, to see if I could overcome my fear.
That day, I discovered a kind of inner calm. Following this first experience, one thing obsessed me: finding this state of calm. Through the regularity of my immersions I was able to overcome my fear, today I can swim again and even submerge my head underwater! Water at 4°.


Today I am taking on a new challenge by hosting group ice bath sessions with music for I am delighted to share with you this collegiality and conviviality that comes from sharing this invigorating experience that is the frozen splash at 4°. See you soon.


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Creation of the presentation video "Ice Bath" as well as various videos for  Cabinet.Bio

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